Are you considering setting up a website but not too sure where to start ? Are you looking at trialing a web building service to see whether or not it is right for your business ? Dinky Pixel , for a limited time only, are offering a FREE - no obligation web site package to allow you to fully evaluate the benefits of having an on-line presence. It couldn’t be easier to set up. To get your website up and running, just click on the ‘My One Page Website’ purchase button below …
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1 Page Website
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1 Email Address
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12 Month Domain Name
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3 Month Web Hosting
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12 Month SEO Support
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Slide Show Support
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Interactive Maps
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Enquiry Form
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Sub Domain
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Google Analytics Report
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Logo Creation
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Social Media Support
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For a period of 3 months we will design, host and support a one page website. This will give you an unique opportunity to evaluate where & how the internet can help you and your personal goals. You can either opt for the paid plan and get all of the benefits listed on the left. Alternatively you can opt for the free plan by entering the following discount code : dinkyonepage_free
Once we’ve received confirmation of your purchase we will issue you with a form in which you will need to declare text & supporting images that best represents the initiative that you want us to promote. Whether it is a personal hobby, pastime or small business no website is to small. For your first one page website you are limited to 500 words and 10 images. All images will need to be sent at the best resolution possible - not exceeding 30MB in size.
For as long as you are using the free service your web address will be a sub domain of the Dinky Pixel web address. So for example if your company name is ‘socialise’ you web address will look like this :

If you decide to use the paid service, together with some of the other benefits listed on the left you will also get a much simpler and easier domain name. For example :

For more information and to discuss your needs do get in touch :
[email protected]
If after a few weeks the website isn’t performing as you would like all you need to do is send an email to Dinky Pixel and in the title of that email include the word ‘cancellation’.

Alternatively if you wish to upgrade to something more powerful and extends your digital reach just getting touch so that we can discuss the best upgrade for you and your immediate needs.
Remember - to take advantage of this no obligation free offer all you have to do is to type in the following discount code : dinkyonepage_free

On successful completion you will receive an email together with a downloadable link containing further instructions. Welcome on board …..
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