Our commitment to creating exceptional user experience means we design from the ground up. Our designers work closely with you to fully sketch out ideas before even placing a single pixel on the screen. We then blend detailed analysis of your customers with some creative magic and the outcome is a design that encompasses your business objectives and a strong brand identity with the latest online practices
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Your website is your virtual salesman. It’s available 24/7 and is a way to communicate to the world who you are and what you do. We offer a complete service from website design to build into a responsive, user friendly and good looking website. Once built and ready to go your website will be submitted to major search engines with appropriate titles and keywords to make your site easy to find and search engine friendly.
Following the initial discussion, we’ll send you a design questionnaire to fill in with information about your website requirements and any particular designs or colour scheme you have in mind. We will then put together an initial home page template and once this has been approved we can either create further templates if required for larger sites or start to build the website. Depending on the size and complexity of a site the design and build time will usually be between two and four weeks, provided that all material is submitted promptly and in digital form.
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Your content is the most important facet of your website and needs to be given a great deal of consideration.Ideally you should provide the majority of your content prior to commencement of design as this helps enormously to provide us with an understanding of your business. We also advise that your website be content rich, as this helps your website gain a well ranked position in Google and other search engines. An existing company website or brochure is a great place to start.We can offer copy writing services if you need any help. Good copy sells your services and helps your SEO.
We will need a copy of any images that you wish to be included on your website. These are best provided in digital format and include any products, your company logo or general photographs. We can also provide images from an online stock if required at a small extra charge per image.Alternatively we can provide a photographer if you need your products or premises professionally photographed at an extra cost.
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