• PHASE 01


    • default_titleThe first step in designing a successful website is in providing your business goals
    • default_titleWhat is the purpose of the site ?
    • default_titleDo you wish to use the site to provide information, promote a service or sell a product ?
    • default_titleWhat kind of information will your target audience be looking for on the site ?
    • default_titleAre they looking for specific information, a particular product or service - and if so what ?
    • default_titleIt is also important to provide an idea of your anticipated target audience - age, sex or interests etc
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  • PHASE 02


    • default_titleFrom the information provided in phase 1 a site map can now be developed
    • default_titleThe site map serves as a guide as to what content you want
    • default_title It is also key in developing a consistent and easy to use navigation system
    • default_titleA good user interface creates an easy to navigate experience that encourages your customers to share their experience with their friends and family
    • default_titleDuring this phase we will help you decide on what technologies to implement within the site for maximum effect and reach.
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  • PHASE 03


    • default_titleDrawing from the information gathered this is where we determine the look and feel of the website
    • default_titleOne or more prototype designs will be generated for approval
    • default_titleIt is here that elements such as placement of the company logo or colour scheme used are discussed
    • default_titleThe logo stage ultimately serves to strengthen the identity of your business
    • default_titleIt is important to note that this phase of the process requires regular communication.
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  • PHASE 04


    • default_titleOnce the design has been approved the development of the actual site and functionality can can be developed
    • default_titleThis is typically done by first developing the home page
    • default_titleThis is followed by a ‘shell’ for the other website pages
    • default_titleElements such as interactive contact forms and commerce initiatives are made functional during this phase
    • default_titleIterations of the site will be made available on a daily basis.
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  • PHASE 05


    • default_titleDuring this testing phase functionality of forms or other scripts as well as last minute compatibility issues are looked at
    • default_titleThe success of the website is optimized for viewing on all browsers
    • default_titleOnce final approval has been given the site is uploaded to the server
    • default_titleThe process of domain name registration and search engine optimization testing can begin
    • default_titleThis is a critical phase and will enable the customer to locate your site easily
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  • PHASE 06


    • default_titleOne way to attract repeat visitors is by offering new content on a regular or daily basis
    • default_titleThis can either done here at DinkyPixel at your request
    • default_titleAlternatively if you prefer, a more hands on approach can be requested with the inclusion of a Content Management System ( CMS )
    • default_titleA Content Management System will give you the opportunity to edit the content yourself
    • default_titleHere you are given access to the back-end administrative aspect of your website
    • default_titleHere is where you can use an on-line editor to refresh your website without the need to visit DinkyPixel
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